Summum chooses Prodways ProMaker LD-10 from Genistar

July 19, 2018

Genistar is pleased to announce Laboratoire Dentaire Summum’s purchase of two new Prodways ProMaker LD-10 MOVINGLight® 3D Printers. Summum is leading the way in the migration to digital dentistry in Canada, integrating advanced end-to-end digital technologies.

“We have been using 3D printing for a number of years. When we did our comparative analysis to expand our Clear Aligner service, the PRODWAYS solution came out as a clear winner in terms of quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. These two machines allow us to print over 250 models per day for both Clear Aligner as well as our other needs for models, namely in the Crown & Bridges production,” said William Lapointe, Managing Director of Summum.”

“We are pleased to work with Summum in this expansion of their orthodontic services”, said Gilles Desharnais of Genistar, the North American distributor for Prodways. “Leveraging our 20 years of experience in 3D Printing, we were able to implement the right solution for the successful deployment.”

Summum, one of Canada’s premier dental and orthodontic laboratory, recently announced its expanded offering for Orthodontic Clear Aligners; custom acrylic appliances designed to align patient teeth. To produce these aligners, each patient case can require between 12 to 48 unique 3D Printed models. Thus, Summum required a high productivity and cost-effective 3D Printing solution.

The Prodways ProMaker LD-10 offers numerous unique advantages to Summum. In addition to its unparalleled precision and productivity, the ProMaker LD-10 is versatile and meets the needs of the Clear Aligner models as well as the production of high quality models used in the fabrication of Crowns & Bridges. It requires less manpower to operate, has a much lower touch time once printing is complete and doesn’t generate as much material waste when compared to competitor printers. The ProMaker LD-10’s consistent quality, precision and cost effectiveness makes it one of the best options for dental and orthodontic laboratories.

About Genistar (

Genistar is the North American distributor for Prodways, manufacturer of 3D printers based on MOVINGLight® technology producing unparalleled resolution, consistent quality, and overall efficiency. With more than 20 years of experience in the 3D printing industry, Genistar delivers a high level of expertise & support to facilitate successful integration of complex rapid prototyping & short-run production projects to its customers.

About Summum (

Founded in 1987, Summum Dental Laboratories is known for its expertise and quality products. It has earned an exceptional reputation for combining art and technology. Proud of its achievements, this organization works with a multitude of dentists, denturist… and even other dental laboratories! Summum offers its integrated digital dentistry through its network of 22 dental clinics (Centres Dentaire Lapointe) as well as through several independent dental offices.

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