Genistar is a North American distributor of 3D printing solutions & materials. With many years of experience in the 3D printing market, we provide sales, technical and after sales service for our customers.

We strive to provide market leading after sales service by offering several options from Preventive Maintenance & Full Service Maintenance contracts to on-demand emergency service calls.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best recommendations and support in enhancing your 3D printing capabilities or simply to launch a new 3D printing lab. We cater to clients in a wide range of fields such as the industrial, medical, jewellery, dental, automotive, aeronautic, and consumer markets, among many others.



After years of working in the 3D printing world by helping businesses grow their manufacturing and prototyping capabilities or by acting as a service provider through our sister company Axis Prototypes, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field.
Amongst other services, this allows us to help you with:

Expanding or enhancing your production capacity

Our team of experts will help you make the right choices in terms of which 3D printer and materials to choose to expand your manufacturing or prototyping efforts. Leverage our expertise for better and faster results!

Phone or remote assistance

Would it be for help, assistance or simply general inquiries our experts are there to help! Feel free to call us from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday and we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding your printers.

Maintenance and repairs

Like all machinery, 3D printers need a little love from time to time. Would they need basic maintenance or more extensive repairs, our team will come to you as soon as possible. Reach out when you need it and we’ll organize around your timeline!


Servicing Model

Phone or Remote assistance Call us anytime from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 for general assistance and inquiries GENISTAR
On-site service - Printer Maintenance You need some maintenance work done on your 3D printers? We’ll come to you! GENISTAR
On-site service - Printer Repairs Your 3D printers need repairing? We’ll fix them for you! GENISTAR
Diagnostic and Trouble Isolation Our manufacturing partners have all the information you need if you you need help. MANUFACTURER
Software Updates Receive timely updates on your software, straight from the manufacturer MANUFACTURER
Engineering Support Need to talk to a specialized engineer for one of your 3D printing projects? MANUFACTURER
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